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Ruby & Sapphire: Mirage Island
You have probably heard of Mirage Island, but might not know much about. In this page I will try to cover everything about Mirage Island.

How can I get there?
This is the really hard part. To get to Mirage Island, you must catch a Pokémon that has a certain hidden number to it (called IV's). Once you get the Pokémon with that IV, you must go to Pacifidlog and walk to the very bottom, then go to the right-most house. There should be an old man at the right of the house looking out a window. Talk to him, if you don't have the right Pokémon he will say "I can't see MIRAGE ISLAND today...". If you do have the right Pokémon, he will say "I can see MIRAGE ISLAND today!" or something of that matter. If he does say he can see it, then go to route 130 and the Island will be there.

What Pokemon are on Mirage Island?
The only Pokemon on Mirage Island are Wynaut, ranging from Level 5 through Level 50! This isn't the best part.

So what's the special part?
This is the only place where you can get the 36th berry, the Liechi berry! The Liechi berry makes the gold Pokéblock, which is the rarest and strongest Pokéblock