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Red and Blue:
Pokemon Red and Blue Guide
Review ~ Wan't to buy it? Not sure if it is the Pokemon game for you, then go to the Review.
Cheats/Codes/Tips ~ Here are many Cheats Tips etc. that don't need a Gameshark.
Gameshark Codes ~ These are your basic Gameshark codes.
TM's and HM's ~ TM and HM listing and what they do.
Gym Leaders ~ Listing of the Gym Leaders and What Pokemon they have (even says what level).
Item Listing ~ Listing of all items in Red, Blue, and Yellow.
PokeDex ~ A small PokeDex of Pokemon 1-151.
Pokemon Locations ~ Wan't to know where to find A Tangela? You can find out here.
Shopping List ~ Where you can find an Item, and how much it is.
Screenshots ~ A basic Listing of Screenshots from the first two Pokemon Games.