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Pokemon Pikachu 2
This is a Giga-Pet but, in many ways, it is better. Pikachu isn't only a Electronic Pet, but is also a running buddy too! Pikachu senses movements and motions. When you jump, run, or walk you accumulate Watts, which gets you special items in Gold & Silver. You can even get a Rare Candy with 999 Watts. You can also get watts from playing games with Pikachu, which is fun to do! This was the second Pokemon Pikachu made, and this was improved in one way because it is in color.

Here is a chart of what items you can recieve from this system
Watts Item
100-199 Berry
200-299 Bitter Berry
300-399 Great Ball
400-499 Max Repel
500-599 Ether
600-699 Miracle Berry
700-799 Gold Berry
800-899 Elixer
900-998 Revive
999 Rare Candy