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Red and Blue: Codes
First you take the item you want and put it in the sixth slot(using select).Then go to Viridian City and press A by the man who teaches you how to catch a Weedle. Say NO then fly to Fushia City and go down the coast then surf right. Once you get to Seafom Island surf up annd down the coast un til you find Missingno or M. You may run or fight him. Once you do look in your item and the sixth item will be all wierd.CATCHING MISSINNO MAY CAUSE SERIOUS EFFECTS TO YOUR GAME IT IS YOUR OWN RISK IF YOU CATCH HIM AND YOUR GAME IS DELETED IT IS NOT MY FAULT AND I'M SORRY IF IT DOES.

To get a 255 leveled pokemon you do the Missingno trick then while you do it you may come across a 101+ Level pokemon. If you haven't allready used all your masterballs you can use one on this one then duplicate rare candies with the Missingno code and use them until level 255 but they won't get any higher. They will turn to level 0 if you use any more. Mostly everyone has different 255 pokemon and different levels. I get Golduck other people get Electrode so find out what you get.

To be on a tree you must chop a tree down then move where it would be, Save, and Reset. then you will be on a tree.

CHANGE COLORS: Only works on Regular Game Boy games NOT Game Boy Color games. To change the colors of your game once you turn on your gameboy you press Left Right etc. or A or B and Left or Right etc. I might do all the colors and tell them to you

First go to Safari Zone then join the haul. Walk around a little bit and go back into the entrance. say no to his question, then once you go outagain return to the house and say no again, Save and turn your game off. Turn it on again and go to the people again. Then he will ask if you want to join as if you aren't in, say no and go outside, then fly to Cinnibar and surf up and down the coast. After a while it wil go ding dong ,it's the PA (the Safari people), then you will return to Safari Zone and when you go outside you will be in a totally new Glitch City! May delete game use at own risk!

Go to Celedon and go to the hotel go where a PC would usually be in a Pokemon Center (upper right) and press A then you will be using a computer.

To use this you must FLY to Pallet and find the girl who want her Pokemon to protect her, follow her until she gets to the front door of your house, then walk into her and she will eventually go on your door but not in your house. Do this if you want.