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Jade And Diamond:
Pokemon Jade and Diamond were sold on Ebay.com for $49.99 People actually bought them even after they were known as fakes (even though I would ^_^) But now, Ebay has took care of it and you cannot sell/buy these two games, good job Ebay! The sellers descibed the games as "rare" and they are, yet they are fake. You can still find ROMS on the net if you just search for "Pokemon Diamond/Jade" and you can actually play the game. The game has some pretty weird fake pokemon too.

If you wan't more info on these games, check out your local EB or GameStop and see what they have to say.

Kesi Appeared!
Kuribu Attack!
Osie Appeared!
Kokia Appeared!
Manstla Appeared!
Fighting A Mierths
Kakuzato Appeared!
Nejiro Appeared!
Tabasuko Wants To Fight!
Fighting A Noriwuts!
Game Over!