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Pokemon Heart Gold and Soul Silver: Walkthrough
This walkthrough was written by MKaykitkats, used with permission.

Johto Journey:
Zephyr Badge:
1.Newbark Town
2.Route 29
3.Cherrygrove City
4.Route 30
5.Returning To Newbark Town
6.Returning To Route 30
7.Route 31
8.Violet City
9.Sprout Tower
10.Violet City Gym
Hive Badge:
11.Route 32
12.Union Cave
13.Route 33
14.Azalea Town
15.Slowpoke Well
16.Azalea Town Gym
Plain Badge:
17.Ilex Forest
18.Route 34
19.Goldenrod City
20.Goldenrod City Underground
21.Goldenrod City Gym
Fog Badge:
22.Route 35
23.National Park
24.Route 36
25.Route 37
26.Ecruteak City
27.Burned Tower
28.Ecruteak City Gym
Storm Badge:
29.Route 38
30.Route 39
31.Olivine City
32.Olivine Lighthouse
33.Route 40
34.Cianwood City
35.Cianwood City Gym
Mineral Badge:
36.Returning To Olivine City
37.Olivine City Gym
Glacier Badge:
38.Route 42
39.Mahogany Town
40.Route 43
41.Lake Of Rage
42.Team Rocket Hideout
43.Mahogany Town Gym
Rising Badge:
44.Team Rocket In Goldenrod City
45.Route 44
46.Ice Path
47.Blackthorn City
48.Blackthorn City Gym
Pokemon League:
49.Dragon's Den
50.Route 45
51.Route 46
52.Newbark Town Revisited
53.Ecruteak City Revisited
54.Ecruteak City Dance Theater
55.Bell Tower
56.Cianwood City Revisited
57.Route 41 Revisited
58.Whirlpool Islands
59.Route 27
60.Tohjo Falls
61.Route 27 Revisited
62.Route 26
63.Victory Road
64.Indigo Plateau
65.Elite Four
Kanto Journey:
Thunder Badge:
67.S.S. Aqua
68.Vermilion City
69.Vermilion City Gym
Marsh Badge:
70.Route 6
71.Saffron City
72.Saffron City Gym
Rainbow Badge:
73.Route 7
74.Celadon City
75.Celadon City Gym
Soul Badge:
76.Route 16
77.Route 17
78.Route 18
79.Fuchsia City
80.Fuchsia City Gym
Cascade Badge:
81.Route 15
82.Route 14
83.Route 13
84.Route 12
85.Lavender Town
86.Route 10
87.Route 8
88.Route 5
89.Route 9
90.Activating The Magnet Train
91.Finding Misty
92.Cerulean City Gym
Volcano Badge:
93.Route 11
94.Diglett's Cave
95.Route 2 East
96.Viridian City
97.Route 1
98.Pallet Town
99.Route 21
100.Cinnabar Island
101.Route 20
102.Seafoam Islands Gym
Boulder Badge:
103.Route 2 South
104.Viridian Forest
105.Route 2 North
106.Pewter City
107.Pewter City Gym
Earth Badge:
108.Viridian City Gym
Final Battle:
109.Pallet Town Revisited
110.Route 28
111.Mt. Silver
112.Mt. Silver Cave
113.Pokemon Trainer Red