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Heart Gold and Soul Silver: Pokemon Trainer Red
The final, and most challenging, trainer you can battle in Heart Gold and Soul Silver is Red. He is located at the peak of Mt. Silver. In order to go to Mt. Silver you must beat all Johto and Kanto Gym Leaders. Once you have defeated all Gym Leaders, fly to Victory Road and instead of heading east to Kanto or north to Victory Road, head west in order to go to Mt. Silver.

Once you have reached the peak of Mt. Silver you will find Red facing north. Simply talk to him to initiate the battle. You may need to grind to higher levels before battling Red because his Pokemon are substantially higher levels than any other Pokemon in the game.

If you beat Red each Pokemon in your party will be awarded the Legend Ribbon.



Lv. 88

Lv. 84

Lv. 84

Lv. 84

Lv. 80

Lv. 82