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Heart Gold and Soul Silver: PokeAthlon
The PokeAthlon is a new game type added to Heart Gold and Soul Silver. You control your Pokemon through an assortment of mini-games. There are five course choices: Speed, Power, Skill, Stamina, and Jump. Each course focuses to a specific PokeAthlon skill type. You pick three Pokemon to use in the competition and there are three games to each course. At the end of each course you will earn Athlete Points that you can redeem for prizes at the right desk.

Block Smash:
Categories: Power, Stamina
Tap the blocks quickly to smash them. Tap the switch button when it flashes or else your Pokemon will get too tired and take a break.

Circle Push:
Categories: Power, Speed
Circles appear around the gamefield that you have to navigate your Pokemon into. The smaller the circle, the more point you get for keeping your Pokemon inside at the time limit.

Disc Catch:
Categories: Jump, Power
Tap and flick your Pokemon to catch the frisbee. The farther the frisbee has traveled, the more points you receive.

Goal Roll:
Categories: Skill, Power
A four-way soccer match. Tap and flick your Pokemon to knock the balls into your opponents' goals, not your own goal.

Hurdle Dash:
Categories: Speed, Jump
Tap your Pokemon to make them jump. Each successful hurdle will give you a speed boost.

Lamp Jump:
Categories: Skill, Jump
Flick your Pokemon upwards with the stylus to turn off the lights.

Pennant Capture:
Categories: Skill, Speed
Tap and flick your Pokemon around the field to pick up flags. Once you have some flags simply go back to the line to add them to your score.

Relay Run:
Categories: Speed, Stamina
Control your Pokemon through a race track by tapping your Pokemon and flicking them along the track. Avoid obstacles like rocks and mud so they don't slow you down. Your Pokemon will eventually tire so you have to tap the switch button before they take a break.

Ring Drop:
Categories: Power, Stamina
Try to knock off the other Pokemon like a sumo match.

Snow Throw:
Categories: Power, Skill
Throw the snow balls at your opponent's Pokemon by flicking the screen with the stylus.

Records can be checked downstairs. You must come in first place in all five categories in order to access the blocked off room downstairs, which contains records for individual Pokemon that have competed. To open the third room, earn all medals with one Pokemon. To open the fourth room, earn the high score in each event.