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Heart Gold and Soul Silver: Gift Pokemon

Level 1
One of the first quests in the game is to find Mr. Pokemon. He will give you an egg that will eventually hatch into a Togepi.

Level 20
In the gate north of Goldenrod the gate keeper will ask you to do him a favor. You have to take a letter (which this Spearow is holding), to his friend on Route 31. Once you talk to his friend in Route 31 you will lose the Spearow but will get TM 44 (Rest).

Level 20
Shuckle can be found in the southwest house of Cianwood City after you defeat Chuck.

Level 5
After you meet Bill for the first time in Ecruteak he will go to his house in Goldenrod. Talk to him in Goldenrod to get an Eevee.

Level 10
Use Surf in order to enter the middle entrance of Mt. Mortar. Within Mt. Mortar you will find the Karate King, who is the leader of the Saffron City Dojo. He will give you a Tyrogue after you defeat him in battle.

Level 15
After you defeat Clair in Blackthorn City you can go to the Dragin's Den to get Dratini. Just find the Elder's in the shrine and answer some questions. If you answer compassionately you get a Dratini with ExremeSpeed, otherwise it will be a normal Dratini.

Bulbasaur / Charmander / Squirtle
Level 5
After you have all 16 badges and have defeated Red talk to Professor Oak in Pallet Town to get a Kanto Starter.

Treecko / Torchic / Mudkip
Level 5
After you have all 16 badges and have defeated Red talk to Steven at Silph Co. in Saffron City to get a Hoenn Starter.