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Heart Gold and Soul Silver: Battle Arcade
The Battle Arcade is located in the southeast corner of the Battle Frontier. Talk to the worker on the left to enter a Single or Double Battle challenge. Talk to the worker on the right to enter a Multi Battle with a friend wirelessly.

The special part of the Battle Arcade is the roulette choice that alters a specific part of the battle. When you enter the competition you are shown your opponent and their Pokemon, and then a roulette-type selection process takes place. You must tap the touch screen in order to stop the marker on a tile. The roulette selection either changes your Pokemon, your opponent's Pokemon, or the weather. Changes to your Pokemon are done by landing on blue blocks, while landing on red blocks makes changes to your opponents Pokemon. Grey blocks affect everybody.

The changes that occur from the roulette selection affect Pokemon stats, items held, status ailments, Pokemon levels (raised or lowered), and weather.

You can give yourself a huge advantage by giving your opponent's Pokemon a status ailment such as Paralyzation or Poisoning.

After 7 battles you can end your streak to get 2 Battle Points
Your Pokemon are fully healed after each battle.
Pokemon entered in the Battle Arcade are capped at level 50.