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Hatch an egg
Here's a good way to hatch an egg in 10 minutes or less: If you have an egg that ya need to hatch, first get to Goldenrod City. Then, go all the way north until you get to the outside of the guard house on the edge. Then go straight down until you are outside of Goldenrod and have hit a line of trees. Then go all the way up and down and yor egg will hatch really soon. ADVICE... use your bike.

First you need to calculate your password which is your name added.
A= 128 a=160
B=129 b=161
C=130 c=162
D=131 d=163
E=132 e=164
F=133 f=165
G=134 g=166
H=135 h=167
I=136 i= 168
J=137 j=169
K=138 k=170
L=139 l=171
M=140 m=172
O=142 o=174
P=143 p=175
Q=144 q=176
R=145 r=177
S=146 s=178
T=147 t=179
U=148 u=180
V=149 v=181
W=150 w=182
X=151 x=183
Y=152 y=184
Z=153 z=185
- = 227
? =230
/ =243
, =244

NEXT:Now take you're total amount of money divided by 256 (I think you should just store all your money into your moms account so you just don't have to do this step).

NOW:Look at your'e ID number and divide it by 256

THEN:Add all those numbers together

NOTICE:If you only have 4 or less digits then add 0's in THE FRONT of your password until you have 5 digits

THEN:Then at the screen where it say's if you want to Continue or Mystery Gift and press & hold Down, B, and Select and it will ask "Do you want to change time" say yes and type in your password make sure if you only have four digits have a zero in the front.