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Fire Red & Leaf Green: Help Feature
The new Help Feature in Fire Red and Leaf Green allows you to ask some pre-made questions that are in a database. This feature is targeted towards newer players, but might be able to teach the veterans a thing or two.

You can start the Help feature by opening up your bag. Choose the "Communication Box".
Then you select the option you need help with.
Then, a character (rumoured to be your brother) appears to introduce the question, and starts answering it.

He can teach anybody the basics of battling Pokemon; such as what certain ailments mean, and how to switch Pokemon.

When a question is answered, it is shown in a black and white screen.
Here, the question "How do I purchase PokeBalls?" is being answered.

You can reach the other Help Feature by pressing the L button. Then a list of pre-made questions pops up. Then you choose from the set of pre-arranged questions.
Here is the answer to the question given.