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Fire Red & Leaf Green:
Fire Red and Leaf Green Guide
Game Help
Walkthrough ~ A walkthrough of Fire Red (Up to Pewter City).
Fire Red and Leaf Green Pokedex ~ In-depth information on each Pokemon in Fire Red and Leaf Green.

Item Pack ~ A breakdown of what pockets are in your backpack, and what they hold.
TMs & HMs ~ A listing of the TMs and HMs available in FR/LG.
Voice Checker ~ Info on the Trainers Eye, such as the new features.
Held Items ~ A listing of all items Pokemon can hold in FR/LG.
Status Screen ~ A breakdown of the Status Screen you use to view Pokemon Stats.
Version Exclusives ~ A listing of the Pokemon obtainable only in a specific version.
Trainers ~ Here you can find the latest info on the new trainers.
Mini Games ~ Here you can find info on the Mini Games you play with the Wireless Rooms.
Wireless Rooms ~ Here you can find info about the Wireless Rooms where you can chat, trade, and battle.
Help Feature ~ Here you can find info on the newest feature to the Pokemon series.
PokeDex ~ An explanation of some new features of the PokeDex.
Mystery Islands ~ The new set of islands in FR/LG.
Items ~ Sprites of the items you find in the game.
GBAs ~ Info on the FR/LG themed GBAs out in Japan.

1-151 Sprites ~ Sprites from FR/LG for the first 151 Pokemon.
Box Art ~ The Japanese Box Art for Fire Red and Leaf Green.
Screenshots ~ Many screenshots from the game.
Opening ~ Nine screenshots of the opening movie of the game.
Downloads ~ This is where you can download Videos of FRLG to view on your computer.