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Diamond and Pearl: Pokemon Locations
The following information is where to find all Pokemon needed to complete the Sinnoh PokeDex.
#NameLocation / Trainer
001Turtwig Gym Leader Gardenia
002GrotleRoute 210 North
003TorterraVictory Road 1F
004ChimcharRoute 207
005MonfernoRoute 212 South
006Infernape Elite Four Flint
007PiplupRoute 205 South
008PrinplupRoute 212 South
009EmpoleonVictory Road
010StarlyRoute 202
011StaraviaRoute 206 (Cycling Road)
012Staraptor Oreburgh Gate
013BidoofRoute 202
014Bibarel Route 212 (South)
015Kricketot Route 203
016KricketuneRoute 218
017Shinx Route 203
018Luxio Route 207
019LuxrayRoute 222
020AbraRoute 203
021Kadabra Galactic Building (Eterna)
022AlakazamElite Four Lucian
023MagikarpRoute 204 South
024GyaradosGym Leader Wake
025Budew Route 203 South
026Roselia Route 205 North
027RoseradeGym Leader Gardenia
028Zubat Route 203
029GolbatRoute 210 North
030CrobatGalactic Boss Cyrus - Veilstone
031Geodude Oreburgh Mine
032GravelerIron Island B2F
033Golem Elite Four Bertha
034OnixOreburgh Gym
035Steelix Iron Island B2F
036CranidosGym Leader Roark
037Ramprados Victory Road 1F
038ShieldonRoute 215
039Bastiodon Gym Leader Byron
040MachopRoute 203
041Machoke Veilstone Gym
042Machamp Victory Road B1F
043Psyduck Route 203
044Golduck Pastoria Gym
045Burmy Route 202
046WormadamRoute 214
047MothimLost Tower 2F
048Wurmple Route 204 North
049Silcoon Eterna Forest
050Beautifly Eterna Forest
051Cascoon Eterna Forest
052DustoxEterna Forest
053CombeeRoute 208
054Vespiquen Elite Four Aaron
055Pachirisu Route 204 North
056BuizelWayward Cave
057FloatzelGym Leader Wake
058Cherubi Route 204 North
059Cherrim Gym Leade Gardenia
030Shellos Wayward Cave
061Gastrodon Route 220
062Heracross Route 210 South
063Aipom Route 205 South
064Ambipom Route 216
065DrifloonHearthome Gym
066DrifblimRoute 215
067Buneary Wayward Cave
068Lopunny Route 221
069GastlyHearthome Gym
070Haunter Gym Leader Fantina
071GengarVictory Road B1F
072MisdreavusHearthome Gym
073Mismagius Gym Leader Fantina
074Murkrow Lost Tower 4F
075Honchkrow Galactic Boss Cyrus
076Glameow Jubilife City
077Purugly Valley Windworks
078Goldeen Route 205 North
079Seaking Route 220
080BarboachLost Tower 2F
081WhiscashPastoria Gym
082Chingling Route 214
083ChimechoVictory Road B2F
084StunkyJubilife City
085SkuntankGalactic Building Eterna
086MedititeEterna Forest
087MedichamRoute 220
088Bronzor Wayward Cave
089BronzongElite Four Lucian
090PonytaRoute 205 South
091RapidashRoute 210 South
092BonslyRoute 209
093Sudowoodo Route 216
094Mime Jr.Route 209
095Mr. MimeRoute 216
096Happiny Route 210 South
097Chansey Eterna Forest (used by Cheryl)
098Blissey Victory Road B1F
099CleffaRoute 209
100ClefairyRoute 210
101ClefableVictory Road
102ChatotLost Tower 2F
103Pichu Route 209
104Pikachu Route 206
105RaichuRoute 210 North
106HoothootWayward Cave
107Noctowl Route 210 North
108Spiritomb Champion Cynthia
109Gible Wayward Cave
110GabiteVictory Road B1F
111GarchompChampion Cynthia
112MunchlaxRoute 210 South
113Snorlax Rival (Pokemon League)
114Unown Solaceon Ruins (wild)
115Riolu Route 217
116Lucario Gym Leader Maylene
117WooperRoute 212 South
118QuagsireGym Leader Wake
119Wingull Pastoria Gym
120PelipperPastoria Gym
121Girafarig Route 210 North
122HippopotasIron Island B2F
123Hippowdon Elite Four Bertha
124Azurill Pastoria Gym
125MarillRoute 213
126Azumarill Pastoria Gym
127Skorupi Route 210 South
128Drapion Elite Four Aaron
129CroagunkGalactic Building Eterna
130Toxicroak Iron Island B2F
131Carnivine Route 214
132RemoraidRoute 213
133Octillery Route 220
134Finneon Route 220
135LumineonRoute 223
136Tentacool Route 220
137TentacruelRoute 220
138FeebasRoute 222
139Milotic Champion Cynthia
140Mantyke Route 218
141Mantine Route 223
142SnoverRoute 217
143Abomasnow Gym Leader Candice
144Sneasel Galactic Boss Cyrus
145Weavile Galactic Boss Cyrus
146UxieLake Acuity
147MespiritLake Verity
148Azelf Lake Valor
149DialgaCredited at Spear Pillar
150PalkiaCredited at Spear Pillar
151Manaphy Check book at Mr. Backlot's house
152Rotom Encounter in Old Chateau
153GligarRoute 207
154Gliscor Elite Four Bertha
155NosepassRoute 207
156Probopass Route 210 North
157Ralts Route 215
158KirliaRoute 214
159Gardevoir Victory Road B1F
160Gallade Elite Four Lucian
161Lickitung Route 215
162LickilickyVictory Road
163Eevee Route 209
164VaporeonRoute 214
165Jolteon Route 214
166Flareon Route 214
167EspeonRoute 212
168Umbreon Route 212
169Leafeon Route 212
170Glaceon Route 217
171SwabluVictory Road
172Altaria Victory Road
173TogepiRoute 210 South
174Togetic Route 221
175TogekissChampion Cynthia
176HoundourGalactic Grunt, Celestic Town
177RoseradeGalactic Boss Cyrus
178Magnemite Route 218
179MagnetonGym Leader Byron
180Magnezone Victory Road B1F
181Tangela Route 214
182Tangrowth Victory Road B1F
183Yanma Route 214
184Yanmega Elite Four Aaron
185Tropius Route 214
186Rhyhorn Iron Island B2F
187RhydonVictory Road
188Rhyperior Elite Four Bertha
189Duskull Gym Leader Fantina
190DusclopsRoute 216
191DusknoirVictory Road
192Porygon Route 214
193Porygon2Route 216
194Porygon-Z Victory Road
195Scyther Route 210 North
196ScizorCanalave Gym
197ElekidRoute 210 South
198ElectabuzzRoute 217
199ElectivireGym Leader Volkner
200Magby Route 210 South
201MagmarFuego Ironworks
202Magmortar Elite Four Flint
203SwinubRoute 217
204Piloswine Route 217
205Mamoswine Victory Road
206Snorunt Route 217
207GlalieSnowpoint City Gym
208FroslassGym Leader Candice
209Absol Victory Road
210GiratinaEncounter in Distorted World