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Diamond and Pearl
Pokemon Diamond and Pearl are the fourth generation of Pokemon games. They are the first traditional Pokemon games on the DS and they use the DS's 3D graphical capabilities to deliver a pseudo 3D style. They are the first Pokemon games that allow online battling and trading.

PokeDex - A complete list of all Pokemon and in-depth information: moves learned, TM and HM compatibility, etc.

Gym Leaders - A guide to the Sinnoh gym leaders.
Elite Four - A quick list of the trainers, their Pokemon, and tips to win.

Legendary Pokemon - How and where to find all the legendary Pokemon.
Rotom - Where to find the appliance Pokemon.
Drifloon - Where to find #065 Drifloon.
Leafeon and Glaceon - How to evolve Eevee into the new evolutions.

General Game Info:
National PokeDex - What it is and how to get it.
Pokemon Locations - Locations of all Pokemon in the Sinnoh PokeDex.
TM HM List - A list of all TMs and HMs.
Egg Groups - A list of Pokemon breeding compatibility.
Basic Breeding Guide - The very basics of breeding.
Poketch Apps - The list of Poketch apps and their locations.
Version Exclusives - A list of Pokemon exclusive to each version.
In-Game Trades - A list of all in-game trades and where to find them.
Name Rater - Where to change Pokemon nicknames.
Move Deleter - Where to delete moves.

Game Mechanics:
Time - The time dynamic of Gold and Silver returns, here's the breakdown.
EV Guide - An explanation of EVs and how to use them to your advantage.

493 Pokemon Sprites - Sprites of all Pokemon in the game.
Game Art Gallery - High quality images of trainers and items.