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Episode 073: Fire and Ice
Ash wins his second League battle, pitting his Squirtle against a Nidorino. Later that night, Ash forgets to take his Pokemon to the Pokemon Center as he and Pikachu try to find a place to eat in the League Village. Misty and Brock find Ash and lecture him about not thinking about his Pokemon. Misty drags Ash back to the Pokemon Center, but the Center is so crowded, Ash convinces Misty that they can go eat while they wait for the line to get shorter. Finding a restaurant, Ash and Pikachu have a huge dinner, but when they come back out, they find every Pokemon Center is full, while Brock is overwhelmed by the amount of Officer Jennys and Nurse Joys running around. Ash is desparate to have his Pokemon healed, while Misty tells Ash she told him so. Suddenly, another nurse appears and informs Ash about another secret Pokemon Center nearby. They go in and find another Nurse Joy waiting for them. But Brock's Joy radar isn't going off as usual. No surprise... It's Team Rocket! Team Rocket snatches Ashs's Pokeballs, but Onix totally trashes Team Rocket and saves Ashs's Pokemon. Ash finally gets his Pokemon healed and enters the third round of the League the next day, on the Ice Field. Ash's Kingler takes on a Cloyster and wins, but the Opponent's Arcanine defeats Kingler! Ash calls out Pikachu, and uses Agility to avoid Arcanine's attacks. Arcanine's attacks melt away the ice, leaving both Pokemon in a lake of water. Pikachu uses his Thundershock and shocks Arcanine, who is soaked in water (which conducts electricity) and wins the match!