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Episode 006: Clefairy and the Moon Stone
Ash, Brock and Misty continue onto Mt. Moon, where they find a man being attacked by Zubat. Pikachu uses its Thunder Shock to fend off the Zubat. The man leaps up and thanks Ash and Pikachu. The man is Seymore, a scientist who is studying Mt. Moon. He tells them the Zubat emerged from the cave in the daytime because some troublemakers have strung lights throughout the caverns and the lights are making the underground Pokemon confused. Seymore believes that Pokemon are from a different planet and tells Ash about the Moon Stone, which he believes that Pokemon came to earth in. A Clefairy holding a moon stone fragment suddenly bounces by the group and Ash attempt to capture it. Seymore stops Ash, telling him that it would be for the best if the Clefairy stayed in the mountain. Suddenly, they hear Clefairy cry out and they find that Team Rocket is in the mountain. After they recite their motto, Team Rocket informs the group that they are going to find and steal the moon stone. Ash and Brock fight Team Rocket in a match while Misty, Seymore and Clefairy escape out of the back. During the match, Meowth slinks away and follows Misty. Butterfree blows Team Rocket out of the cave with its Whirlwind attack, then Ash and Brock run off to find Meowth. Back outside the cavern, Meowth corners Clefairy and demands the Moon Stone. Misty calls out her Staryu, who sends Meowth flying with its Water Gun attack.

Later on, Brock feeds the Pokemon with his special Pokemon food. Clefairy and Pikachu run off, and Ash chases them. After a long walk, they arrive at another cave. Inside, they find an area with an open roof, where the moon shines down on a huge boulder, the Moon Stone! Dozens of Clefairy appear and welcome Ash and the rest. They begin to dance around the Moon Stone and through various gestures, Pikachu tells Ash that they are praying to the Moon Stone. Team Rocket bursts in once again and fill the area with smog. Pidgeotto uses Gust to blow it away and when the smoke is clear, the Moon Stone is gone! Onix follows them underground while the group chases after them as Seymore stays behind. He tells the Clefairy that they must retrieve the Moon Stone. Meanwhile, Team Rocket is sliding down the mountain with the Moon Stone when Onix bursts from the ground and knocks them over. Ash and the rest arrive to battle, but the Clefairy appear and begin their Metronome. The attack blows up the Moon Stone and sends Team Rocket blasting off into the sky. The Moon Stone fragments fall on some of the Clefairy, evolving them into Clefables. As they prance around the Moon Stone, Seymore tells Ash that he will stay behind to study the Clefairy. The next day, Ash, Pikachu, Misty and Brock move on to Cerulean City.