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Episode 005: Showdown in Pewter City
Jessie, James and Meowth set a pit trap to capture Pikachu, but end up falling in themselves. Ash and Misty finally make it to Pewter City. There they meet Flint, a rock salesman, who leads them to the Pokemon Center. As Nurse Joy heals Pikachu and Ash's other Pokemon, Misty tells Ash that he must earn badges if he wants to enter the Pokemon League. Ash declares he will defeat Brock, but Flint only laughs. Misty offers to help Ash, but he refuses. Irritated, Misty walks out of the Center, leaving Ash with the lunch check. After getting Pikachu back, Ash heads off to the Pewter Gym. Inside, he meets Brock, the Gym Leader. After explaining the special League rules, Brock begins the battle with Onix, a huge rock Pokemon. Ash sends in Pikachu, who is trapped in Onix's Bind Attack. Pikachu uses its electrical attacks, but the weak voltage doesn't hurt Onix. Onix Binds Pikachu to exhaustion, and Ash is forced to forfeit the match. Defeated, Ash leaves the gym and meets Flint again. At Flint's house, Ash has tea while Pikachu rests. Ash asks why if Brock is so good, he never tried to enter the League himself. Flint shows Ash that Brock has to raise his ten brothers and sisters himself, because his father left and his mother died soon after. Ash feels bad, but declares that he can still beat Brock if he can power up Pikachu. Flint shows Ash a way to power up Pikachu, by hooking him to a small water mill generator. With Pikachu super charged, Ash returns back to the Gym and challenges Brock again, as Misty and Brock's sibling look on. Brock calls out Geodude, and Ash calls out Pidgeotto. Pidgeotto is beated by Geodude, and Ash sends in Pikachu. Pikachu fries Geodude, forcing Brock to call back out Onix. Onix binds Pikachu again, but this time Pikachu's attack hurts Onix and sets fire to the rafters as well. Onix still Binds Pikachu. Suddenly Brock calls of Onix, telling Ash that he doesn't want to hurt Pikachu. Meanwhile, the small fire in the rafters set off the sprinkler system. The water weakens Onix, and Ash begins to call Pikachu to finish it off, but Brocks siblings rush down to try to stop Ash. Ash thinks back to Brock calling off Onix, and realizes that it was wrong to win because the sprinklers went off by accident. As Ash leaves, he says he will beat Brock fairly one day. Ash begins to leave Pewter, but Brock runs up and presents Ash with the Boulder Badge, telling him he earned it by being kind to all Pokemon. Brock tells Ash that what he really wants to be is a Pokemon Breeder and asks Ash to fulfill his dreams for him. Ash agrees, but Flint shows up. Flint reveals himself to be Brock's father. He tells Brock that it is time for him to take care of the family he left behind. Brock forgives his father and sets off with Ash, with Misty chasing behind them. Team Rocket manages to climb out of the pit, only to be trampled on by Ash and company.